The name Empeltre derives from the Catalan word "empelt", meaning graft. This is due to the fact that grafting has most likely been the usual method of propagation for this crop, as it is very difficult to root. The variety’s origin is attributed to the town of Pedrola, in the region of Zaragoza, and it is now grown all along the Ebro Valley. This is the dominant variety in the areas of Aragon and the Balearic Islands. While its flowering phase is early, this variety comes to production late. Its productivity is high and constant. The olives are easy to pull away from the tree, which makes mechanized collection easier. This type of olive is also used fresh and seasoned when it is mature. It is a rustic variety, and adapts well to fields of bad agricultural quality and it is thought to be tolerant of droughts.


Organoleptic characteristics

This oil is appreciated for its high fat content and excellent quality. It is soft and fluid. Its colour is pale yellow. Its taste is delicate, sweet and fruity with a hint of almond.


Nutritional Information



320 Kcal/100gr


0 gr .


0 gr.

Saturated fatty acid

11-15 %

Monounsaturated fatty acid

75-79 %

Polyunsaturated fatty acid

9-11 %


0 gr.